This weekend I visited Kraków, Poland and fell in love. This city is beautiful, full of rich history, delicious vodka, amazing food, and kind people. I spent my first day here sleeping, mostly because I’d been up for 24 hours and couldn’t imagine being able to enjoy the city without some sleep. 

We went to a vodka bar that night, and I had tatanka, a apple juice and zubrowka vodka drink from Poland. It was delicious, and very subtly strong. I tried hazelnut vodka as well, and it was the first time I’d drank vodka without choking afterward. Such a subtle burn that warms you from the inside out, I loved it. The next day we spent in the Wawel castle, a structure rich with history, beautiful architecture, and breathtaking views. I got to see the sigismund bell, there’s a picture of me touching it posted. legend has it that if you touch the clapper of the bell with your right hand, and hold your right hand to your heart, you will have good fortune. 

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine summing up Kraków in one post. It was amazing, and I can’t wait to go back. 

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