10 Travel Movies Sure To Fuel Your Wanderlust


To celebrate the release of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on DVD, I have composed a list of awesome and adventurous movies that are sure to fuel your travel dreams and give you endless inspiration.

1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


2. In Bruges


3. Away We Go


4. Into The Wild


5. Lost in Translation


6. The Darjeeling Limited


7. Paris, je t’aime


8. Euro Trip


9. Up In The Air


10. Roman Holiday


mindblips said: Hi there! I'm also going to study abroad at the University of Sussex, but for 2 months for summer school. I'm definitely planning to travel around Europe for ~3 weeks after my program ends, and during long weekends. Do you think it's enough for me to bring just a carryon and a backpack? Laundry is expensive at the University, but it seems cheaper to just pack light/little. Would love some advice from you. Thanks!

Hi there! Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. 
Would you be bringing a carryon and a backpack for the whole trip? If you plan on bringing that much whenever you travel within Europe it’ll probably be too much. Most budget airlines only allow a very small carryon and thats it, they’ll charge you up the ass for any extra stuff. 

If you plan on packing that for your whole experience then you’ll be fine! I honestly over packed when I went to Sussex,  all you really need is clothes :). If you’re planning on flying back from England, it might be a good idea to put your stuff in storage somewhere cheap in Brighton. Would save you a ton of money on checked baggage! 

Also small tip from one Sussex student to the next: Do some of your laundry in the sink. Its around £5 for a small load of laundry, which really adds up over time. Let me know if you have any more questions, and have a TON of fun traveling. You’ll love it :D

I wasn’t prepared for how much I would miss England. 

I love the G spot hostel. Anyone going to Lisbon should definitely check it out. 

Everything You Never Need

So backpacking has made me an expert packer. And even if you’re packing for a vacation, or a year long excursion, these tips are sure to help you. 

1. Don’t be a dick 

Be honest with yourself, what do you actual, factually, need to survive? If you’re not sure what this is, clean up your house completely and then go about the montions of living for a few days (don’t put anything away after you use it!!). Observe what gets taken out after this period. You’ll be surprised, you probably dont use as much of the crap you have as you think you do.

2. Take that stuff you “need” and half it. 

No joke. Everything you used from your experiment in living needs to be seriously evaluated. How often did you use something? Do you think you’ll really be needing it while traveling? 

3. Remember that you can buy things if you really need them 

If you didn’t pack something you find you absolutely must have, you can probably find it where ever you’re going. Don’t stress about leaving something behind that you think you may need! 

4. Pack less clothes than you think you’ll need. 

This is especially true if you think you’ll be doing some clothes shopping while you’re traveling. You’ll want to leave room for the way cooler stuff you end up purchasing, so don’t over pack on clothes!

Packing well is really trial and error though, so as you pack more you’ll get better and better! 

Things that are cool to have: 

-Tiny travelers towel: I bought a towel the size of a golf ball and it literally saved my life. You can find really small microfiber towels online or in camping stores, and you will not regret having them. 

-Vacuum seal compression bags: These are amazing for packing your clothes tightly to maximize space. Find some of the ones that you can roll the are out of instead of needing a vacuum to compress them down. I personally love these and wouldn’t travel without them 

Fucking smudge on a camera lens ruins all pictures

Just some Gaudi architecture 

I leave Brighton in 7 days exactly. I’m going to miss this place 

5 People You Meet at a Hostel

1.     Person who’s far too old to be there

Ever entered a hostel room and wonder wow, who’s dad is here? Now I’m all for seizing the day and traveling at any age, but there’s just something unsettling about sharing a dorm with someone who’s easily 40 years your senior. The whole situation will just feel creepy and awkward, so do yourself a favor and check to make sure the hostel has an age limit on guests.

2.     Person who never leaves their bed, ever

This can easily ruin a stay in a perfectly semi-clean hostel. When there’s one person who just brought a book to Prague and is going to finish the whole thing before they step out onto the street, there’s no way you’re going to feel at home in your room. They’re not just there occasionally either, they’re there all. the. time. Do they work here? Are they just waiting for someone? Nope, they’re just perfectly content sitting in the room doing nothing. Or even worse, hogging the one computer in the entire hostel for hours on end.

3.     Person who just gets too comfortable

Hostels aren’t hotels. You’re not meant to throw your clothes everywhere and just act like this is your bedroom. You’re sharing a room with people you. don’t. know. My question is what possesses people to think they can do whatever they like without any social consequences? Oh yeah it seems like a perfectly logical idea to clip your toenails and leave the clippings everywhere because hey, you’re paying 10 euros a night, its basically like your apartment. Please stop doing this, or at least please warn me before I bunk with you that you’re about to get far too comfortable for anyone else to feel comfortable.

4.     Person who’s determined to be your new best friend

This person seems harmless at first. They’ll ask you all kinds of fun questions, maybe go out for drinks with you or tag along on your daily adventures. And then suddenly they’re sending you facebook friend requests. How did they find you? You didn’t even give them your last name! That’s the danger with this person, they’re going to want to wiggle their way into your life because yeah you met once during the hostel pub crawl, you MUST be friends for life. Be warned, this person can often seem like the next person on our list

5.     The person actually worth being around

Honestly, when you meet this person in your hostel you’ll know it. They’re not there to get all up in your space, they’re traveling for the same reason you are. They’re going to invite you to all the cool places they found a few days before you arrived, or just be a genuinely cool person to be around. Careful though, don’t turn into person number 4 when hanging out with this person, you’ll scare them off.

Warsaw, capital of Poland. 

Honestly, I still can’t get over how much polish vodka I consumed